Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Proud dad poses with newborn baby in photo shoot, then this happens!

New parents decide to capture the memories with their 10-day-old baby early by taking him to a family photographer and having a photo shoot done together. The newborn baby was fussy at first and wouldn’t settle down no matter what mom and dad tried.

Everyone often wants to capture those memories early on to show their family, friends, and even the kids when they grow up. However, there are some things you would rather forget when something like this happens. As funny as it is, it is gross too. According to the Mirror on Aug. 28, little Asher might just be a comic when he grows up.

Since little Asher was fussy, dad decided to try something new. He lied down on the floor and had the baby placed on his back. Little Asher was finally comfortable alright because he let it all out by peeing, puking, and pooping on his dad’s back. Asher’s dad said he knew it was going to happen and had been talking about it all day before they went for the photo shoot. He laughed about it and didn’t mind at all. After, all Asher is just 10 days old so what could he really do right? 

Friday, August 28, 2015

James Harden celebrates his 26th birthday with the Kardashian’s

It was James Harden’s 26th birthday Wednesday and he and the Kardashian’s were partying hard celebrating it. They partied so hard, they woke the neighborhood up with their explosive fireworks show. After midnight, to celebrate Harden turning 26, girlfriend Khloe Kardashian had a 15 minute firework show set off for him.

According to Bleacher Report on Aug. 26, residents near where they were celebrating weren’t happy about being woken up after midnight. People were woken out of a good night’s sleep, school children had school the next day and woke up crying because of the loud boom from the fireworks, and dogs started barking loudly. Some of the residents and the city councilman complained about the loud noise. One resident even said he thought about calling the police and another resident said he had a feeling it was the Kardashian’s but being a celebrity doesn’t give them the right to do something like this.

Yes, Harden and the Kardashian’s partied hard for his birthday on a private yacht and everyone had to hear it. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Billy Joel and wife welcome new daughter, Della Rose Joel

Billy Joel is a daddy again. He was just recently married to his new wife, Alexis Joel and now, according to CNN on Aug. 12, the couple have welcomed their newest addition to the family, their new daughter, Della Rose Joel.

Della Rose came into the world weighing in at 7 lbs and 6.5 ounces. Quite the healthy little girl! This is Billy's second daughter since he has a 29-year-old daughter named Alexa Ray with ex-wife Christie Brinkley.

Joel and his new wife were married in a surprise wedding at their home on July 4 of this year. Alexis is Joel's fourth wife.

Just a few days before the couple wed in a surprise ceremony, 66-year-old Billy Joel was honored by breaking the record for most solo performances in Madison Square Garden. This was an honor that Elton John held before him.

Congrats are in order for the new happy couple and their newest addition to the family!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Will Ariana Grande ever grow up?

So, Ariana Grande walked into a pastry shop and licked all of the donuts on the counter! Why would anyone, especially a big celebrity like her, do this in the first place? She then went with her boyfriend and started making out with him, according to E! Online and ranted about how she hates America and how disgusting everyone is! What is wrong with this girl?

Although she did this, she tried to apologize by saying what she was saying in a private moment with her "friend" was said in context. She says she loves her country, America but she hates the fact that there is so much child obesity in this country. How is licking all of the donuts on the counter going to help change this? Oh and I forgot to mention that she did all this on July 4th!  Sorry, Ariana but you need to grow up a little!

Ariana Grande licks donuts on a pastry shop counter for what? To make a statement about childhood obesity? How foes that make a statement? That is a little gross if you ask me! That does not say anything about fighting for childhood obesity. It says that she is an immature brat and she needs to grow up!

What do you think about Ariana doing this? Leave a comment below and let everyone know what you think about this disgusting thing she did. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Get the new Star Wars app

For the Star Wars fans, there is a new app you can get for your phone. According to a report by Fortune on July 8, whether you are looking for news on your favorite Star Wars movie, the newest movie coming out called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” or if you want to get a selfie with Princess Leia, this new app has all of this and more for Android and iOS users.

Users can also pull up fun history and trivia facts about the Star Wars franchise. However, the most important feature for this app is to provide news about the new movie coming out, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Users of the app can also have alerts sent to them through major alerts or they can also read the updates about the new movie coming out through the app’s news ticker. Either way, they will be able to keep updated on what is happening with the newest Star Wars movie which should excite fans everywhere.

This new app will be evolving as the franchise grows. This means it won’t get old fast for those who get bored easily and fast with something.

What do you think about this new app? Sound off with your opinion by leaving a comment below and let everyone know what you think. Will you be using the new app to stay updated with the newest movie? You probably just want to get a selfie with Prince Leia, right? 

Watch the official trailer below of the new Star Wars app

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nicky Hilton will be married at the Kensington Palace

In Entertainment news today, Nicky Hilton will marry here soon-to-be spouse at Kensington Palace! Wow, how did she manage to get that location for her wedding? Read more here about the fairy tale wedding taking place in a palace. 

In other Entertainment news, if you want some Bachelorette spoilers, check them out here. If you don't want to know, don't click the link!

Stephen Hawking says suicide is an option for him. Should he have it done? 

Did Kim Zolciak have a facelift done? Rumors are going around she did. 

Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon have bought a $10 million home in Beverly Hills!

And, Abby Lee Miller lost a bunch of weight. What caused so much weight loss for her? Was it surgery, a diet, or was it something else? 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on the latest happenings in Entertainment. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kim Kardashian pregnant for baby #2 finally!

It took Kimye a while to get pregnant again but they have finally succeeded! That's right! Kim and Kanye are going to have another baby. North West will be a great big sister for their new bundle of joy.

News for today about Kim Kardashian is that her dress caught on fire while she was at the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards on Monday. You can read the full story here about how Pharrell Williams and his wife saved her!

In other entertainment news, Kim Richards is back in rehab after recently going missing from her daughter's wedding. Although she was supposed to go back to rehab last Monday, she ended up missing so that didn't work out but she is now in rehab so I hope things go well for her now. You can read the full story here about how she ended up back in rehab.

Now we come on to some news about Teen Mom OG. Apparently, Amber Portman didn't like what Dr. Drew was saying to her and her fiance on the show so she stormed off the stage! Read everything about it here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's entertainment news!

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Please vote in my poll

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Been a long time: Daily Entertainment post

Hello everyone! I know it has been a while since I last posted anything here but I have decided to dust three of my blogs off and get started with them again. Now I have 5 blogs I am posting in. Here they are and what they are about and then we will get to the main reason for this blog post:

The Fascinating World of Books

This blog will be what it was intended for in the first place and that is to review books. I am going to set-up a monthly subscription through Amazon and get the Kindle Unlimited so I can read and review some great eBooks. I have already reviewed two on there already, although I didn't pay for them but a friend asked me to review them. Read the blog and find out more about these two eBooks.

Living with Depression

This blog is also going to be what it was intended for, helping people with their depression. Although I don't suffer from depression anymore because of the medications I am on, I can still help those who are suffering from it. I haven't posted in it yet today but I will soon.

Rambling Thoughts

This blog is just me rambling on about my daily goals and whatever else I decide to post. It could be entertaining if you like to read about other peoples lives.

My Highly Recommended Money Making Programs

This blog is about the best sites I use to make money with. I post here as often as I can and as soon as I find something I can make money with online. Check it out!

And you are already reading Entertain Me, which is another one I have decided to start up again. I will be posting summaries to my entertainment articles and a link to the full article for you to read if you want.

And the first entertaining post I want to share is:

5 ways to stay up all night

If you ever had to pull an all-nighter because of that deadline looming over you, here is 5 things you can do to help yourself stay up all night.

I will update this blog every day with new entertaining posts I write for other sites. I will be updating it later after I publish some articles to Examiner, AXS, Daily Voice, Celebrity Gossip Source, and Newslines so stay tuned for more entertaining posts by me!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dad didn't know

Guest post from: Steve Delaney

Dad didn’t know anything about Satellite Internet Mimbres and mom sure wasn’t going to find out (she’s terrified of technology) so I had to do all the research myself. I love my parents but they’re really stubborn and they were resistant at first when I told them we needed to do something to drag them into the 21st century. My mom kept asking me to print out and mail her articles and pictures and I just had enough of it …I wanted to show her the miracle of the internet and what she could look at WITHOUT my help! They’re actually glad I got it for them at this point, mostly because my dad likes to check Weather.com and my mom likes (who would have thought?) and I know that every time I have to butt heads with them something good comes out of it. They’re great people and I know that they mean well but they’re so resistant to change sometimes I want to scream! But I never do.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The last Day of Jamboree, I'm Disappointed in Sugarland

Today was the last day of Jamboree in the Hills for this year. Sugarland was there and I was all excited to watch them. They were to come right on after Loretta Lyn, who was awesome by the way! Anyway right before they came on, Shelby Zerotny and Eric (can't remember his last name at the moment) were talking about Sugarland coming up next. Then they announced that Sugarland had decided to only televise their first 3 songs! I was so disappointed in them! I did not think they would ever do this. I have loved Sugarland since they first came out and now I am so upset with them because I don't want to stop listening to their music because of this. This just ticks me off. It is unfair to those of us who cannot afford to go to the Jamboree. What will they do next, take their songs off the radio so we can't listen to them for free?

Anyway moving on from that, I loved how Loretta Lyn let her twin daughters, son, granddaughter and band members sing their own songs! I thought they were awesome. I could tell Loretta was crying as she was singing her songs. That shows her songs are very close to her heart and come from the heart! I hope she comes back next year, if not, at least her kids and granddaughter.

So the Jamboree in the Hills closes for another year. It seems like Summer is going by so fast. Why is it that Spring and Summer fly by and Winter just stays as long as it wants? I love Spring and Summer but haven't been able to do much outside of the house this year. It really bums me out. I want to go swimming and fishing at least once before Summer is over. Hopefully I will get the chance before it passes by so quickly. :)

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jamboree in the Hills

Anyone go to Jamboree in the Hills or watch it on t.v? Well I live 30 minutes away from where it's at every year! I don't go though because 1, I don't have a car, and 2, I don't have the money. My sister used to go every year but this year she didn't because she is getting ready to get married again.

Anyway every year in July the Jamboree in the Hills goes on for 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday. It is a country music festival! This year Brad Paisley is there (he comes every year) Joe Zelek (he is a local celebrity and is our pharmacist. He hasn't been out too long but he is getting famous) Reba McIntyre and let me say she is a snob! She decided not to be televised so those of us at home couldn't watch her for free. Brooks and Dunn did the same thing tonight. So because they were on there and did not want to be televised they had to show Thursdays line up again, which was Joe Zelek and Brad Paisley. I really haven't been paying much attention so I really don't know who else is on. I think Sugarland is coming back again for their second or third year. They will be on tomorrow I believe. Kerry Underwood was on last year and she didn't want to be televised either. Excuse me, Kerry, if it wasn't for those of us who voted for you on American Idol you wouldn't be where you are now. So stop being a snob!

I had to vent about that because that totally ticks me off. The singers that don't want to be televised because they don't want us to watch them at home for free, well if it wasn't for your fans listening to your music, buying your C.D's, paying to go to concerts, you wouldn't be where you are!! The fans supprt you so why do you have to act like that?

O.k I'm done. Anyway, if anyone reading this is watching Jamboree or knows someone who goes, leave me a comment and tell me how you like it. I wold like to go next year and am hoping I have the money by then!

Go Joe Zelek and Brad Paisley! They are from the Ohio Valley and are awesome!

Joe Zelek
Brad Paisley

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Parking, one thing I am not good at

Are you any good at parallel parking? You know, that dreaded thing you have to do in order to get your drivers license. I cannot do it at all. I am good at backing up but not parallel parking. I did find this game online where you have to parallel park a car and it is actually fun. I didn't think it would be but it is. It is also very addictive so I am trying to not spend too much time on it.

While you play the game you can check out their website that shows Cheap parking near the Airport in the U.K and you can also go to another site and play more games that is sponsored by them. Check out the game here:


Check out their website where you can compare parking prices here:


And you can play other similar games here:


Thursday, March 13, 2008

A lot of entertainment going on lately!

I know it has been a very long time since I have written on here but I had problems with my computer and had to get a new one. But now I'm back and have a lot to say about a couple of shows I watch.

American Idol is awesome yet again! There are a lot of talented contestants this year and I have a hard time picking my favorites but I did. I have 4 favorites, 2 girls and 2 boys and it is going to be hard to choose between the 4 as the weeks go by and as they get voted off. My favorites are Carly Smithson, Amanda Overmeyer ( I think that is spelled right), Michael Johns and David Cook. These are my absolute favorites and it will be very hard to choose between them when the time comes. When it comes to voting every week I just pick on of them that performed the best. This week it was Carly. She was awesome! She really rocked that song she sang. Amanda was very good too but not as good as usual. I was rather disappointed with Michael this week because he should have rocked that song but he didn't so I wasn't happy with him but he is still a favorite. David was good and actually better than Michael but he still didn't win me over for a vote this week. I wonder what songs they will sing next week? I hope it is better than ever!

I do not like Syesha, I'm sorry but she is not a favorite. I do like Kristy but she isn't anywhere as great as my 4 favorites. David Archeletta is good for his age but he is not a favorite. He really messed it up this week but I felt sorry for him because he is rather young and didn't know the song. Still he should have gotten the song down but obviously didn't. I don't see him getting voted off very soon though because he is young and has a lot of female fans that will keep him on.
I thought it was very nice to see Kat McPhee back but she looks a lot different than 2 years ago. She looks like she has lost a lot of weight. I think she is too skinny now! It was also great to see Blake! I have missed his B-Bopping! He is always awesome.

I was watching TMZ last night after Idol and they were talking to Simon and asked him how many more seasons for Idol? He said 2 more seasons for him but a lot more for Idol. As much as he irritates me, I don't want to see him go off the show. I think he makes the show with his rudeness. I also think it is funny when he and Ryan joke around with each other.

That's all I have to say about Idol for now. I will be posting again soon to talk about Days Of Our Lives. See Ya later!! :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sorry I haven't posted lately

Sorry for the long wait but I have been busy and have had a lot going on lately. Not too much to talk about because I don't have television right now so I can't talk about entertainment much. My Directv was shut off because I couldn't afford to pay it so I am trying to make as much money online as I can so I can get it back on. One thing I can say is that Ashley one "I wanna Be A SoapStar so she will be on Days of Our Lives In December. Hopefully I will have my t.v back so I can watch it. That is the main thing bugging me about not being able to watch t.v because I am missing Days! Where my husband and I live we can't even get our local channels in without an outside antennae. So I will post again when I have the time and when I have something to post about. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Favorite authors

Who is your favorite author or authors? What are your favorite kind of books? My favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Danielle Steele, Maggie Shayne, Jackie Collins and Nora Roberts. I like a few more but these are my most favorite. I just got done reading a very good book by Dean Koontz, a very scary book. Scary books are my favorite! It was called, "Midnight." This book was about this evil genious who wanted to rule the world. But first he wanted to rule the town he lived in, Moonlight Cove. He made this fluid that he injected everyone he could get his hands on with and it "converted" them to "New People." These New People could not feel any kind of emotion except fear and the main thing they feared was him because he was their maker. If he died they all died. After he converted the ones he could catch or talk into letting him, they would feel this need to "regress." And that meant that they turned into either some kind of beast or machine. See converting the people into machines was his mission. See this man thought he was some kind of special person that was destined to rule the world. The reason for this is because when he was little his mother and father were hardly ever home because his father was a judge and I really can't remember what his mother did but she was hardly ever home. So he hung out with the gardener who was an Indian by the name of RunningDeer.

This Indian always told him to watch for certain signs from the spirits that would tell him he was destined to hold great power over people. He actually made the little boy believe him so much that he talked him into killing his father and mother. Well what the Indian didn't know was that he was plotting to kill him too and he did. He went and got a kitchen knife and stabbed his mother and then his father. Then he laid the knife down on the kitchen table and went and got the Indian and told him that his mother needed him for something. He told the Indian that he would need the knife and as the Indian turned his back to walk into where the boys mother was the boy shot him. See what he did was made the Indian touch the knife so his fingerprints were on it and then he called the cops and said he had to shoot the Indian because he killed his parents. Very clever boy.

So after that happened, from that moment on he thought he was a great man of power. He had almost the whole town converted and almost all of them were turning into beasts or machines. The ones he didn't convert he was trying to get them but they were running. One man he did convert, who was a cop of the town, kept himself from regressing and when he saw what was happening to the people of the town he knew it had to stop. He also knew that when "their maker" died they would all die too but he didn't care. He would rather die than to become what the others were becoming. So he went after him and ended up killing him. After he killed him all of the regressives and converted people dropped dead right where they were, including him.

You have got to read this book. It is by far the best Dean Koontz book I have read so far and I have read a lot of them. It is awesome.

So leave a comment and tell me what your favorite authors and books are. Do you have any books that you highly recommend? I would love to hear about them. :)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My opinon of I wanna be a soap star

The first episode was boring because it was just about the ones they picked. They picked 10 people out of 40. Some were good and some were not and the ones that the judges thought were good I didn't like all of them. Days of Our Lives writer, Kayla Brady Johnson and a talent manager were the judges so I guess they know best. The next episode will be better because they will be performing with some of the stars of the show. I think that will be really fun to watch.

That is all I have to say about the show right now but I do like it and will be watching it every week. It is on every Tuesday night at 8:00PM so if you have SoapNet then you should tune in next week. :)

I wanna be a soap star

No I don't want to be a soap star but this is a reality show on SoapNet that starts tonight. I usually don't like reality shows and the only one I do like is American Idol. But I have decided to give this one a try because for one thing it is about soap operas and another thing is because They are looking for the next star of my favorite soap, Days Of Our Lives. It actually starts in 10 minutes and I really want to concentrate on it so I can come back here and post about it after it is over.

This is actually the second season of it but the first season for me because I didn't watch it last year. When I saw that it was coming on last year I thought, "Geez, not another stupid reality show." I really don't like most of these shows but I have a feeling I am going to like this one.

Right now Days Of Our Lives is on SoapNet. I have a few things I have to say about this because I just cannot believe that Nick and China Lee actually got married. Of course he still loves Chelsea even though she has treated him bad. But of course Nick doesn't remember getting married but there is a video to prove it which Chelsea found on the internet. I hope Nick can get out of this wedding because this girl, China Lee is definitely not the right girl for him. I guess Chelsea is really the only girl for him since he is so desperately in love with her.

Ok "I wanna be a soap star" is on so I am going to watch it and I will post right after it's over.

Monday, August 6, 2007

It's been a while

Sorry I haven't posted lately but I have been too busy as usual. Anyway here is the latest on Days of Our Lives:

So Tony was really Andre the whole time and now no one can tell them apart. Andre ended up killing Bart after he swallowed the key that Tony was trying to get from him. I didn't think they would kill Bart off. Poor guy, lol.

Stephanie decided to move in with Adrienne, Steve's sister. Steve isn't too happy about it but he needs to let his "little girl" go because she ain't no little girl anymore. I think she is a spoiled little brat and she is totally getting on my nerves. She is in love with that idiot Jeremy Horton. What does she see in that jackass? For one I think he is really ugly and for two he is an a-hole. He is cheating on her big time and she is so naive that she can't see the truth if it bit her in the nose, lol. She will find out the hard way sooner or later.

So Jet is an undercover agent huh? I knew there was something up with him and his "fiance" but I didn't think it was this! I hope he brings Jeremy Horton down!

Did Kate sleep with Stefano? I think she did in exchange for money. Back to her old ways I see. I have never liked her and never will. She needs to keep her nose out of her kids lives also!!

So Andre stabbed Roman. I was afraid they were killing Roman off when that happened. Thank God he is still alive even if he is in the hospital. Don't worry everyone, he will be like John and recover quickly, lol.

Shawn asked Belle to marry him and then she turned around and asked him the same thing. I just hope they do something to get Philip out of their lives for good. I can't stand Philip as much as I can't stand his mother Kate.

They really need to bring someone else on the show for poor old Nick. I feel so bad for him.He did all that for Chelsea and now she wants nothing to do with him. Although I did see where she called him and said she needed him for something. I wish she would leave him alone. Poor guy is so in love with her that he will do anything for the little brat. I can't stand Chelsea either.

Let's talk about something else. My favorite movies are Thirteen Ghosts, Final Destination1,2 and 3. Oh and I also loved Saw1 and 2 and I can't wait to see 3. I love horror movies they are the best. I have seen Thirteen Ghosts about 4 times and all the Final Destinations about 2 or 3 times each. I like the Grudge too and can't wait to see the second one. Let me know what your favorite movies are by leaving me a comment here.

I also like The Color Purple. I have seen it about 3 times and it is so sad. I love the end where she finally stands up for herself.

I'm thinking of doing movie and book reviews on here. Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment. :)

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The latest on Days and Jamboree in the Hills

First let me talk about what the latest is going on on Days of Our Lives. The last time I watched it was last Wednesday because oif Jamboree started Thursday so I watched that instead. Anyway it seems that Tony Dimera isn't Tony Dimera but instead he is Andre Dimera, Tony's identical cousin! How messed up is that? Here Tony is still stuck on an island where Andre has been keeping him. I saw the previews for Thursday and John and Marlena went to the island to find Tony.

I am trying to figure out what is up with Jet Carver. He has this girl pretend to be his fiance and then when Chelsea looks her up online an=d finds out she is already married she goes and tells him and he goes off on her for getting in his business. Then she runs off to find him and tells him she is sorry and then tries to kiss him and he pulls away and asks her what she is doing. I thought that was so funny!! Poor little Chelsea runs off all embarrassed. Ha! Good for the little witch. Poor Nick risks his job for her and now she doesn't want anything to do with him because she wants Jet but Jet doesn't want her!! LMAO! I'm just trying to figure out what Jet and that girl who is pretending to be his fiance is up to. I guess I will find out as I keep watching.

The story about Colleen and Santo is really cool. I love watching when they go back in time with those two. It is so romantic!

Now I have a few things to say about Jamboree In The Hills. Now if you don't know anything about Jamboree then you must not watch t.v or listen to the radio very often because everyone knows about Jamboree. I live only 30 minutes away from where Jamboree takes place but unfortunately we couldn't afford to go this year. We have never been there but my sister usually goes but this year she went to Virginia Beach instead. Jamboree is like one big country music party. People from all over the U.S.A drive or fly in just to see it. It goes on for 4 days and everyone gets drunk while country music singers perform. This year the only good day was the first day. The first performance was by The Joe Zelek Band. I am proud to say that my husband and I and the rest of my family know Joe Zelek personally. He works at his dad's pharmacy every once in a while and he has filled quite a few of our prescriptions for us. He lives in Mt. Pleasant, Ohio and the pharmacy is in Dillonvale, Ohio. I used to live in Mt. Pleasant and so has my sister and my mom and dad. He was the opening act and he is really awesome. He redid the Jamboree theme song and his sounds so much better. I think it is awesome that he was able to perform at Jamboree In The Hills. Most of you have probably heard his sons on the radio if you listen to country. Two songs that they play on the radio are "Homecoming King" and Jamboree In The Hills" They are really good.

Next up was The Poverty Neck Hillbillies. I didn't get to see too much of them because I had an errand to run but I like them and I know they put on an awesome performance. They are also from around here. I think it is either West Virginia or Pennsylvania but I know it isn't too far away from here.

Next up was American Idol's Kelly Picker. She was awesome too and I really liked it when she talked about her song "Wonder" and started crying. I really love her music.

After Kelly, Tayler Swift was up and I have to honestly say that she wasn't very good live. I do like her music on the radio but she really does suck live. Sorry Tayler.

Then came Jack Ingram and he was really great but the last performance of the night was the best of them all. Brad Paisley who is also local. He is from Glen Dale, West Virginia and that is pretty close to where we are from. Brad was awesome as usual and he had so much equipment that they had to have 8 different semi-trucks to haul it in. He put on such a great performance that when he was supposed to be done the audience was screaming for more so he came back out and then when he said goodbye again they screamed for more again so he came back out yet another time. But that was his last time because, he told Don Sloan, our news 9 sports reporter that he was really tired.

The rest of Jamboree really sucked in my opinion. It wasn't worth watching after that. Miranda Lambert was good on Saturday but I didn't watch it anymore because it just wasn't worth fighting the channel to come in anymore. We have Directv and because of that we don't get local channels. We have to use rabbit ears to get our locals in and we have to fight with them half the time. If I was to go to Jamboree I would have definitely only went the first day because it was the only day worth it and it was the best. Now let's hope next year is better because my husband and I plan on going at least one day.

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